Queen Margrethe of Denmark knows that I exist!

This is going to be a niche post but I’m too excited not to write about it.

Long story short, it’s Core Course week at DIS (more on this in a later post) and my class was taking the Harbor Bus—a form of public transportation in Copenhagen that runs on the canal—to learn about harborscape development.

As we were “cruising” (in the words of my professor Regitze), we came across this large boat in the middle of the canal. Below follows an approximation of the conversation that occurred:

Regitze: That’s the royal yacht.

Me: Is the Queen on it?

Regitze: Probably not.

One of the workers on the Harbor Bus: Actually, she is and she’s about to disembark.

My entire class: *proceeds to freak out*

Our stop on the harbor bus was directly across from Amalienborg Palace which is the royal residence and on the same side of the canal as the Royal Navy. Also, there were no other people around. In other words, we had prime viewing conditions. 

Regitze was kind enough to let our class stand on the edge of the canal for almost 15 minutes waiting for Queen Margrethe to disembark. And it was most definitely worth it. 

First we saw the navy officers get into position, then the Queen emerged! She was killing it in a salmon-colored jacket. Margrethe walked down to the smaller boat that would take her to shore, the men on the boat unfurled the Danish flag, and the Navy fired cannons signifying her departure. 

At this point, we thought it was over and the Queen would go directly back to the palace. BUT the boat turned and made its way to the navy base… aka in the direction of our class!!

We got even more excited and started waving and waving and THE QUEEN WAVED BACK!!!!!

In other words, Queen Margrethe of Denmark has acknowledged my existence! 

My life is basically complete. I don’t see how it can get any better than this. 

And I’d like to shout out Regitze for coordinating with the Queen and to ensure we got to see her (kidding, but that would’ve been pretty cool).

Anyway, I’ll be posting more about Core Course week later this week, but I’m not sure anything will top waving to the Queen and having her wave back.

I’m pointing to the smaller boat with the Queen but you can also see the royal yacht to the left.

*Featured Image: The Royal Yacht, taken by me!

2 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe of Denmark knows that I exist!”

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