Becoming a Soccer Fan One Game at a Time

Would you believe me if I told you that I’d never been to a professional sporting event until last week? Well, it’s the truth. And attending a European soccer (or should I say football) game was one way to get the ball rolling (pun intended).

As you probably know, soccer is a HUGE deal in Europe. As such, it felt like a wasted opportunity to be in Europe and not attend a game. So, I bought a ticket with a group of friends, and friends of friends, to see F.C. Copenhagen versus the Lincoln Red Imps from Gibraltar. This game was part of the UEFA Europa League and since it wasn’t a highly contested match the tickets were cheaper and the stadium wasn’t as packed. 

That being said, the fan section was a sight to behold. They had choreographed movements and chants and were led by a drum section. I’m pretty sure they all stood for the entire game. The energy was infectious and I had the most fun cheering along with the crowd and chanting the players’ last names in union when they scored. I will say, however, it was quite humbling to realize that a few players on Copenhagen’s team are two years younger than me. But we can’t all be pro-footballers.

After attending this game, I definitely see what the hype is about. And I can understand the sense of community that comes from being a steadfast fan of a team and attending every game. I mean, I only went to one game for a team I’d only heard about a few days before and I left feeling invigorated. It helped that Copenhagen won 3-1.

We’ll see if more soccer games are in my future, but my guess is yes. I’d love to watch Denmark’s national team play. Who knows, maybe I’ll even become a full-blown soccer fan in the process!

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